fireplace wedding decor ideas

Whether you ask for it or not, many venues come with fireplaces – simply perfect for a winter wedding! What’s better than lighting a fire in the grate and having your guests roast marshmallows on skewer sticks for munch-a-licious smores?

On the other hand, should you plan a mid-summer affair the fireplace can hardly be ripped out and replaced with something a little more appropriate. With a bit of imagination and a scoop of creativity however, this permanent fixture can be easily turned into a striking focal point that’s even hotter than a burning fire.

Adorn the mantle with:

  • Flowers – either in vases or cascading over the mantle.
  • Lights such as candles, lanterns or fairy lights draped over the edge.
  • Decorative elements arranged in a row: Line up ceramic figures, a variety of mirrors
  • Bunting – fabric or paper flags, photos of the two of you, your wedding date, or letters spelling out your names.

Decorate the mouth of the fireplace with:

  • Candles, vases, hanging Chinese Lanterns or flower arrangements.
  • Cover the entire mouth of the fireplace with a mirror, black board (with a quote written on it) or an enlarged photo of you and hubby.
  • Place a large coloured or flashing light in the fireplace to give it that contemporary edge.
  • For a rustic look, “board” it up with rough pieces of wood.

Original images and their credits available on Pinterest.