Something Fishy { Live Centrepieces }

By The Celebration Team 13 Oct, 2016

Something Fishy { Live Centrepieces }

The fishbowl has been applied in many interesting ways over the years – from holding flowers to serving candy. However, when has a fishbowl ever been used as a fishbowl? If you love animals and adore googly eyed fishies, then this post is just for you.

Live fish swimming around in a fishbowl can be quite intriguing to watch. Placed in the middle of a round table, they make quite the centre piece and add a little “life” to your décor. What’s more, you can adorn the bowl with interesting aquarium trinkets and “décor” that’s in line with your wedding décor. Scatter matching glass pebbles down the middle of the table to make it blend.

When making the decision to have live animals at your wedding, it’s always important to put their wellbeing first. For instance, don’t put fishbowls on the tables if there’s a chance your guests will agitate or harm the creatures when they get tipsy.

Another thing to bear in mind is where the fishbowl is placed. Keep it well away from candles that can warm up the water or drip toxic wax into the water. If you’re expecting kids at the wedding, also be sure that they won’t get carried away and injure the fish.

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