Forest Lighting { Tips + Ideas }

By The Celebration Team 09 Jul, 2015

Forest Lighting { Tips + Ideas }

Getting married in an enchanted forest might sound pretty romantic, but without the right lighting it’s not going to be half as magical as you had in mind. Naturally lighting a forest area isn’t quite as easy as pie and you’re definitely going to require the help of a professional lighting technician.

Before you can brief him however, you need to have an idea of what you want – here are some suggestions:

  • Fairy lights, fairy lights everywhere you look! Strung from tree to tree, wound around the branches and hung vertically down the lengths of the tree trunks.
  • Hanging chandeliers might seem like something that would be quite out of place, but you will fall in love with the magical contrast between rustic forest and lavish elegance.
  • For a contemporary yet magical atmosphere, opt for Chinese lanterns by the hundreds.
  • Complement the rustic setting with wrought iron lanterns and paper bag lanterns everywhere you look.
  • Project your favourite black and white movie scenes on the trees and forest floor.

Important to note, especially in the case of candles and lanterns, is to have a fire official on site to ensure that everything goes off without a spark or flare.

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