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The Getaway Car { Get Decorating! }


Traditionally, the getaway car is decorated with tin cans, lipstick, shaving cream and pretty much just about anything that guests can get their hands on – a messy affair indeed! Veer away from tradition with these lovely and stylish ideas for pre-decorating your getaway mobile yourself:

  • Instead of cans, attach long lengths of ribbons in colours matching your wedding theme, to the back bumper.
  • Then again, cans don’t have to be a no-go – simply decorate the cans by spray painting them in a colour of your choice.
  • Let each guest write a word of wisdom on one of the tin cans before attaching it to the car – that way it becomes a more meaningful tradition.
  • We just love the idea of a big floral wreath decorating the back window of the car.
  • Decorate the roof of the car with a big bunch of plump and colourful helium balloons.
  • Hang large fluffy tissue paper pompoms from the back of the car or opt for festive flower orbs.
  • Have custom license plates made with your surname or wedding date printed on it.
  • Make pretty bunting or floral- and beaded strings that can hang off the back of the car.
  • Who says only the back of the car should be decorated? Stuff additional flowers and pretties in between the wiper blades and front window to complete the picture.
  • Attach a floral wreath to the grill of the car or drape the bonnet in soft folds of fabric.

Original images and their credits available on Pinterest