You don’t have to be a sport fundi to appreciate or even use astro turf. Available at most outdoor shops and even craft stores, astro turf is a light-weight synthetic grass sheet that can be cut to just about any size to fit practically any space.

Astro turf is especially perfect for whimsical themes like enchanted forest and Alice in Wonderland. What’s more, it can be complemented with natural elements to counteract the synthetic feel of the turf.

  • Cover the guest table tops in astro turf or merely the middle section.
  • Make place mats out of astro turf off-cuts to add a charming outdoorsy feel to each place setting.
  • Create a focus wall with astro turf or make a backdrop for your photo booth.
  • Use a piece of astro turf for the table plan and make your name cards in the shape of flowers or mushrooms.
  • If you’re getting married indoors, line the wedding aisle to bring the outdoors indoors.
  • Place stretches of astro turf under the guest tables so guests can kick off their shoes and put their toes in the “grass”.
  • Cover the buffet or dessert table with astro turf

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