Label Lovin’ { Wedding Stickers }

By The Celebration Team 24 Jun, 2016

Label Lovin’ { Wedding Stickers }

If you’re one of those highly organised brides, the odds are good that you also have a deep love of labels. When it comes to your wedding day, you might consider having labels printed for things like your guest favours – but why not get a little bit more mileage out of your specialised wedding labels?

Once you’ve had a million of your wedding labels printed, don’t throw them away! Here are some other fun things you can do with them:

  • Label the condiment bottles on the guest tables.
  • Use the leftover labels to seal the envelopes of the Thank You cards.
  • Stick a label onto each guest’s place card.
  • Leave the left over labels for guests to sticker bomb the wedding car.
  • Bake packets of biscuits and personalise it with your wedding stickers.
  • Incorporate the design of the label into your wedding cake design or topper.
  • Label the bottles used to serve the welcome drinks, or better yet – create your own personalised wine labels!
  • Serve Craft Beer made under your special wedding label.
  • Label the underside of your wedding shoes, as well as that of your groom and entourage.

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