While it’s sad that the milkman doesn’t come around to drop off farm fresh milk in bottles anymore, the happy truth is that you can still find milk bottles at most glass and craft stores. And there are so many practical ways in which you can introduce them to your wedding day!

  • Makeshift flower vases are the first thing that comes to mind – crammed to the overflow with freshly cut spring blossoms.
  • Serve your welcome drinks in mini milk bottles – from an array of fruit juices to expertly mixed cocktails.
  • Alternatively, use the bottles to quench the thirst of your guests at midnight with either milk and cookies or hot chocolate bottles.
  • Use the bottles to hold your guest favours – from truffles and jelly beans to a homemade brownie premix, granola or scented olive oil.
  • Turn the bottles into candleholders or lanterns by placing tea lights inside and hanging the bottles in the trees or placing it along the paths.
  • Instead of a ring cushion, place the rings inside a milk bottle!
  • Spoil your bridesmaids by filling the bottles with lush bath salts, and treat the groomsmen to milk bottles filled with cream liqueur.

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