Get your sparkle on by using mirrors cunningly and innovatively. Mirrors are the perfect way to be different in your décor and attire without sacrificing glamour, glitz and full-on bling. The mirror glass is especially effective for evening weddings as it reflects the glinting of your candles or fairy lights and gives your wedding venue a breath-taking fairytale look and feel. It will look as if tiny little glow worms or fireflies are stationed all over your venue in enchanted cooperation.

Mirrors can be used in a number of innovative ways. Here are just a few examples:

  • Write on oversized mirrors with a special mirror pen or marker and use these as your seating plans. Use smaller versions for your menus.
  • Use mirrors as really effective photo props. Hold them, kiss them or write love notes on them in lipstick.
  • Use mirror tiles in various pieces of mosaic art.
  • Use round or square mirrors as modern placemats. Put a frame around them for a really vintage look.


Credit: Artwork Photography Blogs

Credit: Style Me Pretty


Credit: Best Wedding Sites

Main Photo Credit: Classic Bride Blog


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