Musical Moments { Centre Pieces }

By The Celebration Team 21 Jun, 2017

Musical Moments { Centre Pieces }

If you’re musically inclined and love to strum the guitar, tickle the piano keys or make the violin sing, then stand a little closer because we have some dazzling ideas just for you! Musical centre pieces are key (excuse the pun) for a musical themed wedding!

There are so many different ways to approach this. For starters, you could take the hard rock angle and decorate the tables and venue with guitar images, juke boxes and neon signs. Alternatively, take a softer approach to “guitar-ing” and adorn the tables and venue with your collection of ukuleles (with clear instructions for guests not to touch it, of course).

If piano is more your thing, opt for an overall ebony and ivory theme, and deck the tables in black and white table cloths and runners. You can also use old pieces of sheet music to make your own table runners or origami table decorations.

Then again, why not take a more 80s approach to the whole shebang and decorate the tables with mini glitter balls instead? This will certainly resonate with your older guests, and the extra dazzle is bound to light up the entire venue! If your venue is lit with chandeliers, hang cut-out music notes above your tables to add a little harmony to your décor.

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