Lighting plays an important role in setting the theme and ambience for your big day, and up to now we’ve discussed everything from chandeliers and candles to fairy lights and lanterns. One rising trend we`re yet to look at is naked light bulbs – a simple yet highly contemporary lighting option that`s taken the wedding industry by storm.

Now naked light bulbs don`t simply the normal bulbs you`d buy off the grocery store shelf, even though these are definitely not out of the question. These days lighting experts offer bulbs in multiple shapes, colours and sizes to brighten up your event. When hanging these bulbs you`re faced with quite a few options, a popular of which is in `clumps` over the tables. Then again, if you`re using rectangular tables, string them side by side above each table or opt for standing lamps minus the lamp shade.

Another alternative is to decorate the actual naked bulb using glass paint. Other decorating alternatives include using decoupage to wrap the light bulb in a paper doily, wrapping lace or ribbon around the actual bulb, spray painting it or adorning the bulb with glitter glue.

On an entirely non-lighting note, light bulb vases are becoming increasingly popular among South African brides. Making your own basically entails using a glass cutter or tongs to cut the metal fitting off the bulb and attaching a ribbon to the glass casing. These can be strung in and around the venue, for example from hanging chandeliers, the sides of a gazebo or from pegs on the wall.

From lighting to vases – it`s no surprise that naked light bulbs are seen as the next big thing. Be sure to check out our Naked Bulbs Pinterest board for more bulb ideas and the original photo credits.

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