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Put it to the Test { Glass Tubes }


There’s no telling in which creative petri dish this trend originated, but test tubes are all the rage at the moment – and not in the laboratory like you’d expect, but rather in the décor world!

Cutting edge. Contemporary. Organically. If these words ring a bell and describe the theme of your wedding, then you’re going to want to pay careful attention to these ideas:

  • Package mini edible guest favours (in line with your wedding theme) in test tubes. Some ideas include coffee beans, Smarties, tealeaves, Jelly Tots, mini truffles, and so forth.
  • Alternatively, fill the tubes with non-edible favours like bath salts, glitter or seeds for the garden.
  • Handfuls of confetti can be so messy, so why not place your flower petals, paper confetti or birdseeds in a test tube rather?
  • Use a large test tube to house your wedding rings – a great alternative to the traditional ring cushion.
  • Serve up potent yet delicious test tube shots later on in the evening or as an alternative to a champagne toast.
  • Keep an eye out for test tubes with stands and arrange single stemmed flowers in test tubes on the guest tables.
  • Preserve some of your wedding day confetti or petals from your bridal bouquet in a test tube – almost like a time capsule for the memory box.
  • Hang test tubes from the ceiling or trees and fill them with flowers.
  • Use the tubes as place settings and slide a card with each guest’s name and a thank you note into the tube.

Original images and their credits available on Pinterest