In Memory Of { Precious Ideas }

By The Celebration Team 14 Jul, 2014

In Memory Of { Precious Ideas }

The wedding is a very emotional day in anyone's life, and so much more so if you're having to celebrate it without the presence of a loved one whom you hold near and dear. However, just because they can't be there in the flesh, doesn't mean they can't be with you in spirit.

Whether it's a close relative who passed away or a close friend or family member who simply couldn't attend the wedding day due to unforeseen circumstances – these “in memory of” ideas will ensure that you get to carry their memory with you as you walk down the aisle:

  • Light a candle for the person you'd like to remember on your special day.
  • Sew a small reminder of the person onto your wedding dress, whether it be a simple fabric heart or a little bow.
  • Ask the minister to request a moment of silence during the proceedings, to remember your loved one.
  • Pin a small picture of the person to the base of your bridal bouquet or, if it's on the groom's side – pin the picture to his label, just below the boutonnière.
  • Set up a photo wall or corner with pictures of all the friends and family who couldn't be there on your big day.
  • At the ceremony, dedicate one of the chairs in the audience to your loved one and decorate it accordingly.
  • Request that loved ones, who are unable to attend, send messages which your best man can read out on the wedding day.
  • Make mention of your loved one in the church programme. You can even dedicate a short poem to them or place a picture.

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