Reserving seats for honorary guests and special people is a long-standing tradition, and provides yet another opportunity for creativity. Here are a couple of ways to turn an average sign into a décor addition that will catch the eye:

  • Place your sign in a lovely vintage of contemporary frame to suit the style of your wedding.
  • Tie the reserved sign to a single long stemmed rose or a small bunch of flowers and place it on the reserved seat or table.
  • Spoil your special guest by attaching the reserved sign to a little treat or writing “reserved” on a slab chocolate.
  • Hang a jar or tin of flowers on the chair back, with the reserved sign attached to it.
  • Use mini blackboards or wooden black hearts as your reserve signs.
  • If you’re having an outdoor wedding, make little wooden signs that you can plant in the ground next to the reserved row.
  • Write “reserved” on a long ribbon with a fabric marker and simply tie it around the seat or back of the chair.
  • Include the name or title of the person for whom the seat or table is reserved or, better yet, a cute photo off Facebook.
  • Use a soldering iron to etch “Reserved” into a piece of drift wood or raw tree bark.
  • Make a wire sign by shaping the letters out of a long piece of thick wire. You can then decorate this with flowers, ribbon and other pretties should you feel so inclined.

Original images and their credits available on Pinterest