Sea Urchins { Ocean Jewels }

By The Celebration Team 16 Mar, 2015

Sea Urchins { Ocean Jewels }

Sea urchins are one of the ocean’s most exquisite gifts to little girls, craft lovers and brides. What we especially love about sea urchins is the convenient little hole through the middle - ideal for winding a piece of string, ribbon or silver chain through.

Whether you build your entire wedding theme on it or simply include a couple of urchins in a beach-themed wedding, there’s no going wrong with these delicate treasures:

  • String a number of sea urchins together with fishing line to make “bunting”.
  • Attach each guest’s place card to a sea urchin and place it on the napkin to round off the place setting.
  • Insert a small candle into the hole in the middle of the sea urchin for a lovely DIY candleholder.
  • Make your own necklace to complete your bridal ensemble or spoil your bridesmaids with sea urchin inspired jewellery.
  • Scatter sea urchins in the middle of the guest tables or place them in the base of flower vases.
  • Bake sea urchin shaped cookies and macaroons for the dessert table, and have the wedding cake decorated with real or fondant urchins.
  • For the guest favours, flip the urchin upside down and plant a tiny succulent or seedling in its core.

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