Shells are one of those trinket gems that most little girls have a fascination with – one that often lasts well into adulthood. While a beach wedding might be out of the question for whatever reason, shells allow you to bring a little bit of ocean love to your wedding day – no matter where in the country you are.

  • Do note that we by no means condone stripping beaches of shells, however there are many local retailers where you’ll be able to pick up a bag of responsibly sourced ocean jewels for next to nothing.
  • Fill the base of flower vases with shells and the top it up with clear or coloured blue water and lovely fresh blossoms or better yet – floating candles.
  • Alternatively fill a flat plate of vase with shells and arrange your candles on top of the bed of shells.
  • Source big oversized shells and use these instead of floral vases or to plant little seedlings in.
  • Use beautiful shells as place cards – simply write each guest’s name on the side of the shell using a permanent marker.
  • Spoil guests with sea shell shaped biscuits and delectable truffles.
  • Drill tiny holes through the seashells and thread a piece of twine through it to make hanging strands of shells to decorate walls and arches.
  • Scatter seashells and sea sand down the middle of the guest tables to bring that sense of ocean freshness to the day.
  • Serve a selection of shell fish – for instance, mussels and oysters – in the shell.

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