Wedding signs are easy to make and add a unique personal touch to the order of the day. Whether you opt for quirky, sophisticated or even a little naughty, the real question isn’t so much what you say, as what you use to make your sign. Here are some ideas for easy DIY signs:

  • Go on the hunt for old crates that you can strip apart. Use the separate panels or loose planks as your signs.
  • Paint the back of an old picture frame with blackboard paint and write your sign on there.
  • Buy a glass marker and write your signs on vintage mirrors that reflect the sun all over the place.
  • Turn a canvas into a stunning sign and display it up on an easel – especially effective if one or both or you are artists.
  • Instead of writing, why not use laser-cut letters to spell out the words? This adds a beautiful 3D effect that will catch the shadows.
  • If it’s a relatively short sign (like toilets or bar) write each letter on a flag and turn it into bunting.
  • Use a soldering iron to burn your words into a flat slap of wood, cut from an old treestump.

Have a WEDDING SIGN in mind?

We can help! Contact us today with your requirements and we will assist you further! Example signs below.


Original images and their credits available on Pinterest


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