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So De-Vine { Crafty Creepers }


Twist them, turn them, knot them, shape them! Vines truly are one of the most versatile bits of foliage on Mother Nature’s menu.

  • Make lovely crowns for you and the bridesmaids to wear in your hair, or keep a lookout for gold vine jewellery pieces.
  • Twist and tie vines around the candleholders and chandeliers or, alternatively, combine the vines with fairy lights for an enchanting display.
  • Draw inspiration from vines when choosing or designing your stationery and wedding invitations.
  • Use ivy leaves as place cards – as they are or spray painted gold – and use a permanent marker to write guests’ names on it.
  • Make napkin rings and curtain tie-backs out of short vines.
  • Twist pieces of vine around a simple crisp white wedding cake to really make it pop.
  • Serve food and drinks “off the vine”, like a wide selection of choice wines with strawberries and other vine fruits.
  • Tie pieces of vine around pillars, banisters, chair backs and doorways.
  • Opt for a wedding dress design that uses lace with a vine motive or incorporates vine prints in some contemporary way.
  • Twist pieces of vine around wire frames (hearts, monograms, the works) to create striking decorations.

Original images and their credits available on Pinterest