Terrific Terrariums { Leafy Décor }

By The Celebration Team 28 Feb, 2017

Terrific Terrariums { Leafy Décor }

Flowers can be expensive – every bride knows that! But what other options are there? Nowadays terrariums are top of the list – they’re affordable, easy to make and highly versatile.

There are two key elements to the terrarium: The plants and the choice of container. The plants are a no brainer, but the container? Now here’s some room to get creative!

  • Collect and buy a variety of glass jars in all shapes and sizes, and create multiple terrariums for each table.
  • Plant your little “leaflings” in glass tea cups – a beautiful addition to a feminine or country garden themed wedding!
  • If you’re going for a more romantic theme, turn a bell jar into a stunning terrarium that screams “modern elegance”.
  • Why not go all out and get married in a greenhouse? It can certainly be labeled as the ultimate terrarium!
  • Recycle an ordinary fishbowl, and turn it into a striking clean-cut terrarium – preferable filled with succulents or leafy greens.
  • Make mini terrariums for guests to take home as favours.
  • Nowadays jewelers are getting extra creative, so see if you can find one who can make a mini terrarium necklace to go with your bridal ensemble.

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