No matter how young or old we are, straws never seem to lose their charm! Add a touch of fun and whimsy to the cocktail party or dessert milkshakes with these bright and quirky “drinks accessories”.

  • Enhance your colour theme by choosing straws that reflect your theme colours.
  • In some instances, suppliers give you the opportunity to personalise your straws by printing specialised straws with your initials or wedding date on them.
  • Take your guests down memory lane with the bendy, looped straws that delighted us all as little children.
  • Slide a set of funky paper onto the end of each straw so guests can pose with it and have extra fun.
  • Attach a sweet little note onto the straw, welcoming your guests to this special celebration.
  • Info flags are always handy and can indicate which type of drink it is – for instance margarita, daiquiri, etc.
  • Attach each guest’s nametag to the straw so they can keep track of it throughout the night.
  • We’ll always be a big fan of stripy straws – especially at a vintage or carnival themed wedding.

Be adventurous and fun, and don’t shy away from something a little out of the ordinary!

Straws Available Online

Below are some of the straws available. Should you require a particular colour / patterned straw, please contact us as we don’t show all straws available online due to variations in stock.

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