wedding ladders

Finally a way for the groom to add his two cents to the wedding decor! Even if it’s just by letting you borrow the ladder out of the garage. Wooden ladders are a practical and simple addition to the wedding day, bringing with it a certain rustic charm.

Borrow ladders from your dad, the neighbour, the local house painter and anyone you can think of, because more is more in this scenario. While step ladders work the best (less risk of falling over and all that jazz), normal upright ladders can work just as well, as long as the venue manager consents to it leaning up against the venue wall.

Here are a couple of ideas for stepping up your décor (pun very much intended) with a step ladder or six:

  • Arrange candles on the ladder rungs to create a grand illuminated focal piece.
  • Display a whole bunch of mini floral arrangements on the ladder for an almost dainty and farm-fresh décor piece.
  • Use the ladder as a prop in your wedding photo shoot or in the photo booth.
  • Turn the ladders into a set of shelves by using two ladders as supports and long planks as shelves. Alternatively lay a single sheet of wood across for a counter-type buffet table.
  • Turn the ladder into a table plan by simply suspending the various printed names or name sheets from the rungs.
  • Attach pictures of you and your hubby or family to the sides and steps of the ladder.
  • Decorate the entire structure with flowers and fairy lights for an impressive but affordable “big budget” arrangement.
  • Attach hanging signs to the ladder rungs, pointing in the various directions of the ceremony, reception venue, restrooms, photo booth and so forth.
  • Use the ladder as your guest book. Instruct guests to write their messages on mini notecards and attach it to the ladder with a piece of string.
  • If the ladder is yours and you’re intending on using it as décor element in your house, give them the option of carving their messages into the wood instead!

For more Wedding Ladders, the original photos above and their credits, make sure to check out our Wedding Ladders Pinterest Board!


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