You’ve got drawers in the kitchen, drawers in the bedroom, drawers in the garage – so why not drawers at the wedding too? Whether you put a magnificent antique heirloom to good use or scour thrift-stores for throw-away chests of drawers that are begging to be refurbished – now is the time to beg, borrow and steal until you have enough drawers to go around.

One chest of drawers – endless possibilities:

  • Use a selection of mismatched drawers as bread and condiment containers on the buffet table, or to create interesting “levels” on the candy table.
  • Swap traditional serving trays for drawers, with cocktails stashed safely inside. It looks oh-so stunning and the waiters will love you for this spill-proof solution!
  • Use a vintage chest of drawers as dessert or candy table and leave the top drawer open for extra stacking or storage space.
  • Chuck the traditional guest book and have your special people write their words of wisdom on a chest of drawers instead. This will make a stunning focal piece for your new home!
  • Place a chest of drawers at the entrance to the ceremony venue to house confetti, or at the exit of the reception venue, packed with guest favours to go.
  • Create a stunning focal piece by filling a chest of drawers with flowers, overflowing from every inch and crevice. This magnificent décor installation can also be put to practical use, for instance as the table where you sign the marriage documents or as a guestbook stand at the reception venue.

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