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Jars Half Full { DIY Décor }


Nothing quite steals a DIY-loving bride’s heart like a simple glass jar! Whether it’s a mason or a Consol, jars are recyclable and can be used in and around the home for years after the wedding, making them even eco-friendly and oh-so stylish. Here are some ideas to inspire you to use glass jars on your big day:

  • Attach a ribbon to the neck of the jar, and turn it into a carry-vase for your bridal bouquet.
  • Serve homemade lemonade or ginger beer, or a mean cocktail in these stylish glasses.
  • Glass jars make the ideal centre pieces – whether it’s to hold flowers, fairy lights or floating candles.
  • Fill your jars with colourful sweets and offer guests a fun candy buffet for dessert.
  • Pile all of the dry ingredients necessary for your favourite biscuits, hot chocolate, cupcakes or muesli into the jars and attach the recipe to the jar as a guest favour.
  • Alternatively, make your own preserves, jams and marmalades and give this to guests in the glass jars for a memorable yet practical gift.
  • Half-fill your jars with sand and place a candle firmly inside for an instant fairytale lantern.
  • Print special photographs, roll them gently lengthways and insert these into the jars so that they open up inside. This creates a kind of cylindrical photo frame, which makes a brilliant focal piece.

Original images and their credits available on Pinterest