There’s something so magical and charming about a typewriter that no modern IT expert has yet managed to recreate with even the fanciest of computers. With vintage themed weddings being all the craze at the moment, typewriters are flying off second-hand store shelves to be used in all sorts of innovative and creative ways.

  • Type It: Typewriter font has a much more personal feel to it than Comic Sans and Times New Roman, so if you’re planning a small intimate wedding, consider typing each invite or save the date by hand on a trusty old typewriter. If that’s a tad unmanageable however, take on a smaller task like typing the menus, table plan or guest place cards – the attention to detail and touch of personality will be much appreciated.
  • Display it: Typewriters today are quite the conversation piece and simply displaying one or two in and around the venue is a sure-fire way of intriguing your guests. Adorn it with hand-picked flowers, build a display table out of old books or suitcases or simply display it on an antique coffee table along with other trinkets and ornaments.
  • Mount it: Put the typewriter’s paper slot to good use and mount your table plan in the type writer for guests to see. If you can manage to get hold of a number of typewriters, you can place one on each table and place the table number in the paper slot, or place typewriters at certain point with directions to bathroom and outdoor facilities printed on the paper.
  • Dissect it: Typewriter keys are as instantly recognisable as scrabble tiles and can be used to spell out any word between the dictionary covers and beyond – from your table names and guests’ initials on the place cards to both your names on the wedding cake. While getting your hands on enough keys could seem like a tricky task, many second hand shops sell bits and pieces of old typewriters at a steal, so keep your eyes peeled.
  • Wish it: Instead of the traditional guest book, set up a working typewriter or two for guests to type their words of wisdom and congratulations to you and your soulmate. In fact, you can take it a step further and set up a little antique writing desk where guests not only have the option of typing on a real typewriter but also writing with quill and ink.
  • Record it: If you really want to live it up vintage style, set up a typewriter at the ceremony and have a speed typist record the “minutes” of your special day, just like they did in olden day court rooms. Granted, the typewriter might be a little noisy, but then again the sound effects merely add to the vintage ambiance of the festive affair.

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