With all the recycling that’s going on, there is an increasing trend towards looking at things we would normally throw away with a different eye and, possibly, more appreciation. Bottle caps are just one of these, and may make the perfect feature for your wedding day. They can be vintage, cute or funky, depending on your personal style.

How to Prepare Used Bottle Tops

All lids should be cleaned thoroughly with a strong detergent (even acetone) so that there is no unpleasant smell. Then, find a picture or a combination of pictures and words, even photographs, that will fit into the inside or underside of the cap. You then need to cut these images to fit inside the bottle cap snugly. It may be best to get a one-inch circle hole puncher so that each picture is exactly the right size and shape. These are available at craft stores. Don’t be afraid of embellishing your bottle caps more by using beads, sequins, glitter and paint; but always remember to keep it classy. Glue the picture and embellishments into the cap with craft glue. Once the glue is dry, finish the caps off with a glaze or varnish (even a nail varnish) that has a glossy, clear finish to make your bottle caps look ultra zshoosh.


Now that your bottle caps are ready, here are some ways to use them in your wedding:

  • Add a magnet to the back and a ‘thank you” message inside and give these to your guests as guest favours.
  • Alternatively, glue a small safety pin to the back so that these bottle caps can be used as badges or trendy brooches.
  • Put them in large buckets or glass jars and encourage your guests to help themselves to their favourite ones (perhaps limit the number, so that there is enough for everyone. Do this by putting a notice up saying something like, “We want you to remember our day, so please take your 3 favourite caps”).
  • Have an arrangement of felt flowers, instead of real ones, and use the bottle tops as the faux pollen.
  • Tie bottle caps as embellishments on your invitations, menus and serviette rings. Just bear in mind that this will make your invites heavy if you are planning to post them.

Credit: Kim Caro Blog

Credit: Chic Inc

Credit: Wedding Bells

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Credit: Wedding Chicks

Credit: Marilyns Keepsakes, Tie that binds, Cupcake Project

Main Photo Credit: JellieCaps on Etsy


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