Chalk is cheap! When it comes to creating a DIY wedding setup, chalk is definitely one of the first elements on the shopping list. Available from most stationery and craft stores, this versatile drawing device can add a fun and quirky element to your big day – here’s how:

  • Draw hearts, patterns and theme appropriate decorations on all outdoor pathways and surfaces.
  • Decorate exterior venue walls with chalk – the rain will wash it off for you, no clean-up required!
  • Use little black boards all over – for instance, for your table numbers, table plan and menu.
  • Instead of a guest book, have guests write their notes on a black board or wall and simply take a picture before washing it away.
  • Paint glass jars and bottles with black board paint and use the chalk to write wine names and table numbers on the side.
  • For the save the date, write your wedding date on the soles of your shoes, on a wall or on the road with chalk and snap a picture.
  • Place little black boards in the photo booth and let guests write their own quotes on it with chalk.
  • Use chalk dust and cardboard stencils to create fun patterns and shapes on the wedding aisle or walkways between the ceremony and reception.
  • Draw arrows on the pathways to indicate the way to amenities like bathrooms and bar.
  • Cover the guest tables in black paper and supply jars of chalk for guests to draw with during speeches and dinnertime.

Original images and their credits available on Pinterest