If there’s one thing the DIY and wedding industry has taught us, it’s that practically anything and everything can be turned into a candleholder. Today’s post is dedicated to all those things you thought were useless that can potentially be the cherry on the wedding cake – here’s to recycling in its most stylish form!

  • Crockery odds and ends like the last coffee mug or dainty teacup in a set can make stunning candle holders and are ideal for a vintage themed wedding.
  • You know all those shells you picked up and don’t really have a use for? Well, why not make candles out of them or simply glue the bunch together for a striking candle wreath.
  • Before hubby lights the fire, go through his braaiwood and select pieces with a smooth grain to which you can attach candles (with hot wax).
  • Glass and candles were practically made for each other, so before you throw out that odd wine glass or empty pickle jar, rather place a tea-light candle inside and prepare to be dazzled.
  • Use old sheets of newspaper and music to make votive candles. Simply cut a shape into the paper and stick it around a glass jar.
  • Wine bottles make the most striking candle holders, and add height to an otherwise flat centrepiece.

Original images and their credits available on Pinterest


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