The wedding aisle might be the very last thing you think about, but it’s something that can make a major statement without much cost or effort. Here are some DIY ideas to brighten up your walkway:

  • Create a pattern with flower petals or autumn leaves along the sides of the aisle where they can’t get trampled.
  • Don’t restrict the decorations to the floor of the aisle. Attach helium balloons to the chairs on either side or set up floral arches across the aisle.
  • Consider printing photos of you and your husband-to-be on a roll of paper and laying it out as an aisle runner.
  • Allow guests to write messages on the paper aisle runner while they wait for you to arrive.
  • If you’re planning an evening wedding, line the aisle with lanterns, candles or torches.
  • Tie glass bottles to the tips of wooden stakes, plant it in the ground along the aisle and fill each bottle with flowers.
  • Arrange pot plants along the sides of the aisle, like orchids or chrysanthemums.
  • Who ever said the aisle should be straight? If you’re getting married outside, arrange the chairs in a spiral and have the ceremony take place right at the heart of it all.

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