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DIY Flowers { Choose your Colour }


When Mother Nature can’t give you the colours you desire for your flowers, it’s time to get creative!

Method 1 – Food colouring

Here the food colouring is absorbed through the flower’s stem.

  • Choose any pale coloured flowers and your preferred colour of food colouring.
  • Mix your food colouring with warm water in a vase. The more colouring you add to the water, the bolder the colour of your flowers will be.
  • Cut the stems of the flowers at a 45-degree angle and place them in the vase.
  • Should you want a flower to have more than one colour, split the stem halfway in a vertical angle to create more than one stem. Place each piece of the stem in a different little jar filled with a different coloured food colouring.
  • Leave the flowers for approximately 6 hours. The longer you leave the flowers in the water, the more vibrant the colours will become.
  • Trim the stems again and place the flowers in clear warm water. Add flower food.

Method 2 & 3 – Dip dye & Spray dye

For both of these methods the flowers are coated in an actual dye formulation.

  • Florist dye and floral spray dye can be purchased from your florist.
  • Choose any pale or dark coloured flowers that are in full bloom. Pale colours will turn pastel and dark colours will turn darker.

For the dip-dye:

  • Pour your dye into a bowl.
  • Take each flower individually and dip the heads in the dye. Keep it there for a few seconds while rotating the flower to ensure a smooth coat.
  • Place the flowers in vases and allow them to dry thoroughly.
  • Should the colour be too dull you can dip them again in the dye.

For spray dye:

  • Spray the flowers individually with the spray canister, by holding it approximately 40cm from the flower.
  • Follow the same steps as for dip dyeing.
  • Place the flowers in vases and allow them to dry thoroughly.
  • Should the colour be too dull you can spray them again.

Original images and their credits available on Pinterest