Having a guest book gives your wedding guests the opportunity to leave a special message after the celebrations of your big day, and is also a special reminder to you, as the bridal couple. While a book works well to accomplish this, why not consider a self-made alternative for something fun and different?

  • Ask guests to bring a baby photo of themselves. At the reception request that they write a personal message on the back, giving you clues as to who the picture is of, but not giving you the answer. It will be fun to read their messages and try to guess who they are.
  • Place a small piece of wood that has been painted with blackboard paint at each place setting, accompanied by a piece of chalk. Each guest should write a message on the board for you and leave it at the door as they leave. These make fabulous additions to your new home’s walls and will always remind you of your special day with friends and family.
  • Give each person a pebble or shell and a permanent marker. They can write a short, but heartfelt message on the item and leave it in the centre of the table for your collection.
  • String pegs onto a wire that is draped above the bridal table or at the door. Give each person a piece of paper and a small envelope. Once they have written their message to you, the bridal couple, they should peg it onto the line.
  • Have an old appliance (such as an old washing machine or bar fridge) and allow your guests to graffiti their messages onto it with a permanent marker. This may move to your garage or shed at some stage but will always be a great read.

Image Credit: United With Love


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