What makes the wedding aisle different to an ordinary supermarket aisle? In the case of many chapels, not much. Which means it’s about time we step up the challenge and get creative. While the first thought would be to simply roll out a red carpet, there’s a whole lot more you can do with this oh-so important stretch of floor:

  • Scatter flower petals all the way from the door to the pulpit.
  • If you want your little flower girl to scatter the petals but you’re afraid she might run out of petals halfway through, scatter an even layer of petals before the ceremony and simply let her toss a few more on top.
  • If the minister doesn’t like the idea of petals squished into the carpet, only scatter them along the sides to create a little lined pathway.
  • Create a pattern with the petals along the sides of the aisle.
  • Forget petals and scatter autumn leaves, confetti or feathers instead.
  • Don’t restrict the decorations to the floor of the aisle. Attach helium balloons to the the chairs on either side or set up floral arches across the aisle.
  • Go military! Give each grooms man a sword and station them all along the aisle so you can pass underneath their outstretched swords.
  • These days printing companies can print just about any shape or size. Consider printing photos of you and your husband-to-be on a roll of paper and using that as your aisle runner.
  • Allow guests to write messages on the aisle runner while they wait for you to arrive.
  • If you’re planning an evening wedding, line the aisle with lanterns, candles or torches.
  • Tie glass bottles to the tips of wooden stakes, plant it in the ground along the aisle and fill each bottle with flowers.
  • Arrange pot plants along the sides of the aisle, like orchids or chrysanthemums.
  • Line the aisle with strings of fairy lights.
  • Instead of a red carpet cover the aisle with meters and meters of lace. Just ensure that your heel can’t get caught on it.
  • Instead of having all the seats face the front of the venue, turn them all slightly so they face the aisle at an angle.
  • Who ever said the aisle should be straight? If you’re getting married outside, arrange the chairs in a spiral and have the ceremony take place right at the heart of it all.
  • Should you decide to get married on the beach, draw patterns in the sand or construct an aisle using wooden slats.



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