Dripping Wax Candles { Easy to Make }

By The Celebration Team 07 Oct, 2015

Dripping Wax Candles { Easy to Make }

There’s something very alluring and enchanting about dripping candle wax – especially when you look a little closer at the unusual swirls and patterns it makes as it runs down the side of the candle. In the right setting with the right theme and ambiance, candles decorated with dripping wax can be incredibly striking – and the best part is you can make it yourself!

Nowadays you even get specially designed “easy-drip candles” that are made with fast-melting wax. Because they burn faster than regular candles, you can quickly whip up your drip candles without having to burn the candle at both ends for hours.

Firstly you can burn the actual candles that you’ll be using at the wedding to turn these candles into a dripping masterpiece. Simply set up your candles in the candleholders or chandelier, and burn each candle for an hour or two, allowing the wax to run freely. Alternatively, drip wax from a different coloured candle onto your wedding candles to achieve an interesting two-tone effect.

However another alternative is to drip the wax on the candleholder or wine bottle that will be holding your candles, and then placing a fresh candle in the wax-adorned holder. This way you’ll ensure that there’s more “burn” left in the candle for your wedding day.

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