No matter how traditional or controversial yours is, there’s no denying that family is a big part of any wedding day celebration. A family tree is a great way to honour the special members of your family, as well as symbolise how these two families are now coming together.

What’s more – with all your family together in one location, now is the perfect time to find out who’s related to whom. Here are a couple of ways to present a family tree on your special day:

  • Create a dedicated family tree wall with beautifully framed pictures of all your special people.
  • Set up a blank family tree or lay out a book where your family members can fill in their own names.
  • Set up a photo booth with a polaroid camera, so family members can snap pictures there and then, and stick it on to the family tree.
  • Arrange branches in a beautiful vase and attach your pictures to it using clips and string.
  • If you’re having an outdoor wedding, turn a real tree into a family tree by suspending pictures from the branches or tying a string around the stump and sliding the pictures in underneath it.

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