It may sound a little corny, but a mixed CD between lovers can be a really meaningful gift. The songs chosen should be ones that hold special significance to both of you as well as a few that have lyrics that communicate how you feel about your partner. This will show them that you think of them often, and will ensure that they do the same!

You will need:

  • A blank recordable or rewritable CD
  • A computer
  • Downloaded songs
  • A printer
  • An empty CD box


  • Check that your computer is able to burn CDs (whether internally or as an external drive).
  • Check that you have the programme that allows you to rip music from one CD to another or to download music from the Internet. Sometimes this software is built into the computer.
  • Burn your CD by following the instructions on your specific programme.
  • Design a unique cover (on MS Word, Photoshop, or a design programme) and print it out to be the cover of the blank CD box. You may want to use a favourite “couple photo”, or pictures of a place that is especially memorable to the both of you (the spot where the proposal was, the beach on which you first kissed, etc…).
  • Add a heartfelt note about why you chose these songs and how you feel about your partner. These are guaranteed Brownie Points.

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