Valentine's Day DIY: Fabric Bouquets

By The Celebration Team 03 Feb, 2011

Valentine's Day DIY: Fabric Bouquets

Give her a bouquet that will last a lifetime by getting your creative juices flowing. This Valentine’s Day, construct a fabric bouquet and surprise your love OR make this as your bridal posy for a really unique approach.

You will need:

  • A variety of different colours, textures and patterns of fabric, including different colours of sturdy felt.
  • A pair of sharp scissors (preferably with a zigzag blade edge)
  • Medium sized buttons (these can be different or matching)
  • Needle and thread (try gut or the like so that the thread’s colour does not stand out)
  • Wire for the flower stems


  • Cut the different colour felts into large circles (with a diameter of about 10 centimetres). Cut as many circles as the number of flowers you eventually want in your bouquet.
  • Cut the other fabrics into medium circles (with a diameter of 6 centimetres) and small circles (a diameter of 4 centimetres). Therefore, each flower will consist of one big, medium and small circle each. Play with the colours and textures to create fun combinations.
  • Once you have decided on combinations, tack the ‘petals’ (or circles) in position, one large, medium and small, all sharing the same centre point so that they are proportional.
  • Once tacked, sew a button in the centre.
  • Secure the flowers onto the wire stem with the cotton (or tape or glue) and present this novel bouquet to your love.

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