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Wedding Car Cans {DIY}

We’re not sure what it is that sparks as much delight as ensuring that the bridal couple’s getaway car looks and sounds as offensive as possible. Is it the schoolboy mischief of sneaking out of the reception with a group plan? The evil glee as you see the couple’s horrified faces? Or is it that, for once, you’re allowed to spray and write all over a car? Whatever the reasons behind “decorating” the couple’s vehicle, it remains a popular pastime, usually among the gents of the bridal entourage.

The tins that are often tied to the rear bumper were, traditionally, part of the pagan ritual of scaring away evil spirits with their noise. So, whether you want to keep the ghouls away or you simply want some stylish metal behind the now-ruined car, here is a quick and easy way to make great car-cans:

You will need:

  • Between 5 and 10 cans
  • Can opener
  • Metal punch
  • One long piece of ribbon per can
  • One washer per can


  • Remove the top and bottom of each can with the can opener.
  • Clean the cans well, using nail polish remover to get the labels and glue off.
  • Punch a hole near the rim of each can.
  • Thread the ribbon through the hole. Thread the washer on the ribbon on the inside of the hole and knot the ribbon below it (so that the washer lies between the knot and the can). This will ensure that it is more likely to stay put.


Spray-paint the tins various colours, preferably with glow-in-the-dark paint. Allow them to dry before putting the ribbon on.

Check our our inspiration gallery below on what other people have done with their cans and / or signs on their wedding cars.


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