With all the focus on staying green and keeping our earth as healthy and efficient as possible, it’s important that brides-to-be and wedding planners remember to be responsible with their wedding planning, décor and attire at all times. Throwing confetti is an old tradition. It started out as the throwing of seeds or grains, but has evolved into tossing almost anything – from bubbles and paper to live butterflies.

However, paper, plastic and other synthetic items may just create litter, while using live animals may be stressful or even harmful to the animals. So, be responsible and use biodegradable materials as confetti instead. Even more advantageous is to tell your wedding guests about the materials you use and why, as this will create awareness. Simply print something like “Biodegradable confetti” on the confetti cones (rather than launching into a long explanation).

Some ideas for your biodegradable confetti include:

  • Flower petals
  • Mini rose buds
  • Sprigs of lavender
  • Birdseed (which can then be enjoyed by pigeons and doves once you’ve left)
  • Freeze-dried petals

Alternatively, you could skip throwing confetti altogether and rather ask your guests to do something special, like blow bubbles, form a tunnel with their hands or ring little wedding bells.

Credit: AmourAmour

Credit: Bridal Wave

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