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Eco-Confetti { Green Living }


With the rise of eco-friendly living, traditional paper confetti has been dubbed a big “no-no”, and most venues have even gone as far as to ban it entirely! So what to do, what to do? Simple: We’ve got a couple of green tricks up our sleeve:

  • Opt for birdseed or rice so that the birds can help clear the area after you’ve left.
  • Biodegradable paper confetti is perfect for the couple who wants to keep it traditional. What’s more, it’s available in a variety of shapes!
  • Consider alternatives to confetti that don’t litter – for instance, pinwheels, balloons or ribbon sticks that guests can wave in the wind.
  • Hire a professional bird tamer to release pigeons as you exit the ceremony venue.
  • Rose petals are a beautiful and still traditional option, but you can also consider other flowers like hydrangeas and baby’s breath.
  • Bigger elements like streamers aren’t eco-friendly but are easy to clear away after the wedding.
  • If you’re hosting an evening wedding, sparkler sticks are simply beautiful and oh-so enchanting, as are Chinese lanterns (though bear in mind that you need permission).
  • Lastly, bubbles! Need we say more?


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