Having a ‘green’ wedding involves more than simply indulging yourselves and your guests in a fun theme. Rather, it is a result of your commitment to preserving natural resources and minimising the potential negative impacts of your big day. There is a multitude of things that may be done in order to handle your ceremony and reception in a way that is both special and responsible.

Your wedding does not have to be boring just because it’s eco-friendly! Greens and browns are typically the colours you can consider if wanting to achieve an obvious eco-friendly colour combo for your wedding. Ways of incorporating eco-friendly items into your wedding would include the following:

  • Give guests a gift of seeds in recycled brown paper packets as a wedding favour.
  • Consider using pot plants on your wedding tables and invites guests to take them home with them at the end of the reception.
  • Replace your name tags on tables with pebbles from your closest beach that can be taken home by your guests or put back where they were found.
  • Consider making use of serviettes that are recyclable.
  • When making use of paper for your menus, invitations or other wedding stationery, opt for recycled paper.
  • Try incorporating flowers from your own garden or someone from your family’s garden – this adds a personal touch to your day as well.
  • Chat to your wedding venue and / or wedding caterer about putting together an organic menu and avoid making use of disposable plates.
  • Consider having the wedding outside during the day – this reduces the amount of electricity used for lighting.

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