If you are planning an eco-friendly wedding, then an eco-friendly wedding cake topper will add a fun touch to your day. There are so many options out there!

Here are some tips on choosing a “green” cake topper:

  • Go vintage. Reuse a cake topper from a friend or family member. Otherwise you can visit eBay or second-hand stores for unique vintage cake toppers.
  • Make your own. DIY cake toppers are eco-friendly, as they do not require shipping. Use recyclable, sustainable or biodegradable materials for more “greenie” points.

  • Sugar toppers, organic flowers and sustainable wood are excellent choices.
  • Instead of a cake topper, use leaves, flowers, herbs or branches on your wedding cake. These items are all biodegradable.
  • The ultimate way of recycling items are by eating them, right? So go for an edible cake topper. These are made from different types of fondants, sugars and gum-pastes depending on the type of edible topper desired.

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