22Seven: A Bride's Best Budgeting Buddy

By The Celebration Team 08 Jan, 2015

22Seven: A Bride's Best Budgeting Buddy

Getting married is an expensive affair and the financial side of things can quickly get out of hand if you don’t keep a finger on the pulse. On the flip side – staying married takes even more financial know-how, having to juggle the cost of holiday and romantic dinners with utility bills and family planning. This essentially means that “budgeting” is a word that every bride will have to add to her vocabulary, and FAST.

Thankfully with technology at our fingertips these days, budgeting your money is now as easy as spending it, especially thanks to free apps like 22Seven – an exciting new platform brought to you by Old Mutual. This nifty application can be viewed and managed on your phone, iPad or internet browser, ultimately bringing all your financial information into one convenient dashboard. Whether you’re budgeting for the biggest and most special day of your life or planning ahead for the rest of your new life together – 22Seven allows you to track where your money goes and how much you still have left in your pocket.

Some of the benefits of 22Seven include:

  • Connecting securely to your bank accounts to get an overview of your financial status.
  • Viewing all bank accounts on one convenient dashboard.
  • Budgeting made easy – no skills or degree in accounting required!
  • Connecting both your partner’s accounts and your accounts to simplify wedding and future planning.
  • Giving you an exact idea of how much money you have at any given point.
  • Knowing where your money is going – whether in paying for your wedding or in day-to-day life.
  • Splitting your expenses and allocating it to the relevant category – for instance, groom and bridal wear.
  • Keeping track of your loyalty systems so you can determine where you have points to spend and use your points to stay within your wedding budget.
  • Offering you the option to go back to transactions further back than 3 months after using the app for more than 3 months (you usually have to pay the bank for this info).
  • Providing easy access in a web browser, on your phone and / or IPAD (convenient, right?!)
  • Being super easy to use!

Best of all, it is FREE! And, YES, it's VERY SECURE!

22Seven is a company owned by Old Mutual, and the core philosophy behind the concept is helping people with budgeting in order to know and understand their money. So before you spend another cent, visit 22Seven to get the app NOW!

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22Seven: A Bride's Best Budgeting Buddy

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22Seven: A Bride's Best Budgeting Buddy

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22Seven: A Bride's Best Budgeting Buddy

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