The Secret to Wedding Budgets

By The Celebration Team 05 May, 2011

 The Secret to Wedding Budgets
Weddings cost modern couples tens and even hundreds of thousands of Rands. Although this is one of the biggest and most memorable days you will ever experience, a formal, reasonable budget is not negotiable. Of course, sticking to the budget is even more important. This can be tough, especially for the excited bride who is facing a number of quotes and temptations along her wedding planning journey. In addition, you may not be aware of what things cost until you are into the actual planning of the big day.

The following tips will unlock the secrets behind planning and adhering to a successful budget:

Pick a Number
As a couple, sit down together and have an open, frank discussion about how much you are both happy to spend on the wedding ceremony, reception and honeymoon. You will likely both need to concede in certain areas, teaching you the important lesson of self-sacrifice (essential to any happy marriage). By the end of the conversation, you should have reached a point at which you are both satisfied with the outcome.

Take Contributions
Discuss honestly with those that will want to contribute towards your wedding day about how much they are able and willing to contribute. Traditionally, this is usually the parents, but it could be well meaning family members and friends too. This may seem quite brazen, but it is always better than being disappointed be getting far less than you had expected and having to foot the rest of the bill yourself. It is more than probable that the people helping you financially are those that are close to you and, therefore, appreciative of your honesty. Traditionally, there are some expectations about who should pay for what, but these are generally regarded as old-fashioned.

Save Your Pennies
It is a wise idea to open a separate bank account for all of your wedding expenses and save a set amount of money every month or week. Ensure that this saving is deducted from your regular account by a debit order so that you are not tempted to use it. Tighten the belt on extravagant or unnecessary expenses, including eating out. Put aside all extra savings in addition to the committed amount and watch your wedding budget boom.

Insure Your Happiness
Wedding insurance is gaining rising popularity in South Africa. It will increase your wedding costs a little, but can save you a lot of money in an unexpected emergency or disaster. Such events include losing your groom’s suit at the airport, your venue burning down or a strike at your catering company.

Decide on what you definitely want at your wedding and what you can do without. Your wedding reception will likely be the most expensive part of the big day. If you can cut down on non-essentials (such as having six bridesmaids instead of one) you will save a lot of extra cash.

For the Record
Keep a detailed record of all monies that come in and go out of your bank account or savings. Be strict with yourself about adhering to your budget. Spending small amounts here and there will add up, resulting in a bulk amount that could have been better spent on other aspects of your big day.

Just in Case
Always be prepared by keeping a lump sum available in case of unexpected emergencies. If you do not need it for the wedding in the end, this money can be spent on your honeymoon or towards your new home.

We all need money to live and enjoy the finer things of life. However, the love and commitment of your big day need not be dominated and overshadowed by money. Focus on the nature of the day, plan ahead and exercise self-control so that you can have a truly priceless wedding.

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