Bearded Beauty { Hair Accessories }

By The Celebration Team 13 Jan, 2016

Bearded Beauty { Hair Accessories }

Full-bodied beards are hotter than ever! Perhaps you’re sporting a lumberjack beard or maybe you’re one for a more rounded elegant growth – fact is, shaving for your wedding day is no longer mandatory.

In fact, some grooms and groomsmen have taken it a step further! Warning: This is not for the conventional bride and groom. But whether you think it’s silly or love the trend, it’s time to accept that beard accessories are now a thing – even if just for laughs!

  • After the confetti’s been strewn, scatter some on your beard just for laughs.
  • Decorate your beard with fresh blossoms that match those in your bride’s bouquet and your boutonniere.
  • Add a little jingle to your step by braiding tiny sophisticated bells into your beard.
  • Why not add a hint of glitter or cute rhinestones to your hairy tangle?
  • Ribbons and mini brooches are not only funny, but really cute!
  • Get the hairdresser to braid your beard in interesting ways, or weave streamers into your beard.

Alternatively, if you have many bearded friends, set up a beard and hair decorating station where guests can pretty themselves up.

These beard-related products are perfect for your groom, groomsmen and / or father of the bride or groom. They make for excellent gifts too!

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