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Chrysanthemums { Sunshine Flower }


The legendary chrysanthemum is one of the daisy’s prettiest sisters, and often referred to in short as “mums” or “chrysanths”. Next to the rose, this flower is probably one of the most popular in all the world – in fact, the chrysanthemum is so loved, that Japan has an annual Festival of Happiness hosted solely in celebration of this magnificent sun-shaped blossom. Confusions even went as far as to suggest that the chrysanthemum be used as part of meditation, and today the flower can be seen in many Japanese art works, drawings and designs.

The chrysanthemum’s strong stem makes it ideal for any type of arrangement or bouquet, while the fragrance is simply enchanting. Legend has it that a single chrysanthemum petal placed at the bottom of a wine glass will lead to a long, prosperous and happy life – perhaps a ritual worth considering for the wedding day, wouldn’t you say?

Depicted in art works and stories that date back to the 15th century, it comes as no surprise that the chrysanthemum has a multitude of symbolic meanings and stories related to it. For starters, the word “chrysanthemum” is derived from Greek with “chrys-” meaning “golden” and “anthemion” meaning “flower”.

Symbolising joy and optimism, “mums” have been christened as the November birth flower as well as the 13th anniversary blossom. Chrysanthemums are said to bring happiness and laughter to the home. Available in a number of hues, you’ll find anything from crisp white right through to deep purple on the colour chart to match your colour scheme.