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From the banks of a meandering river to the elegantly decorated tables of your wedding, there’s no denying that the calla lily is synonymous with contemporary elegance. This strikingly classic flower is available in a wide spectrum of spring fresh colours such as soft pinks, purples and even green, as well as more dramatic shades of deep plum and red velvet, to literally match any colour scheme in the bridal book.

One of the calla lily’s most useful attributes is its long stem, making it the perfect flower for creating tall, sophisticated floral arrangements as well as enchanting hanging bouquets. As a bonus, these strong stems can easily be decorated with beads, ribbon or fabric with no danger of it snapping.

TIP: Freshly picked calla lilies have a tendency to ooze sap which can stain your wedding dress. To keep this from happening, dip the ends in hot candle wax and let it set.

  • For a contemporary arrangement, place one or two lilies in a long slender crystal vase so that the flowers don’t stick out the top.
  • Decorate your stationery and guest favours with mini paper or ceramic lilies, available from most stationery and craft shops.
  • Carry a tightly packed bunch of calla lilies or mix and match it with other flowers with softer appeal.
  • Have your wedding photos on a mossy riverbank – the home of the calla lily.
  • Use the long stems to your creative advantage, and curve it into all kinds of interesting shapes – for instance, curled and packed into a square vase.
  • Wear a single calla lily in your hair and keep an eye out for calla lily inspired jewellery.
  • Decorate the actual flower by filling the “cup” with tiny beads or wrapping silver thread around the yellow core.
  • Use fresh or fondant calla lilies to pretty up the wedding cake – whether it be a single lily on top, layers of lilies between the cake tiers or a river of flowers cascading down the side.
  • Create a calla lily table plan. Simply tie each guest’s name tag to the stem of a lily and arrange the flowers in numbered jars that correspond with the numbers of the tables.

Chat to your wedding florist about other ways you can incorporate this beautiful flower into your wedding day!

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