Delphiniums are small stately flowers that grow in clumps on a long slender stem and are members of the buttercup family. Resembling the hind toe of the lark, the flower also goes by many other names such as Larkspur, Lark’s Claw, Knight’s Spur and Lark’s Heel. While blue is the more recognised colour in this floral family, the delphinium also comes in shades of purple, red, vibrant yellow and delicate white.

The delphinium tends to blossom in springtime, and is a symbol of big-heartedness, fun, openness and levity, making them the ideal pick of the season for something as special as your wedding day. While traditionally used as bouquet or vase fillers, these blue pretties can just as easily stand alone, adding a dash of fresh country radiance to any occasion.

There are many rumours and tales as to where the name “delphinium” comes from. On the one side it’s mentioned that it is originally derived from the Greek word “delphinos”, which means “dolphin”, as the flower resembles the characteristic bottle shape of the dolphin’s nose. On the other hand, there’s the French and Latin forms of the word, all meaning “woman from Delphi”.

Back in the day, the delphinium flower was used by Native Americans to blend blue dye, used for tribal paint and hair colouring, whereas European settlers were known for using the flower to make ink. Funnily enough, Delphiniums were once thought to drive away scorpions and bad spirits – now there’s a conversation starter for the wedding table!

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