Delicious Monsters { Tropical Vintage }

By The Celebration Team 02 Feb, 2015

Delicious Monsters { Tropical Vintage }

It’s hard to say what we love most about this plant – the lush green look of it, or the roll-off-the-tongue name. Delicious monsters used to be considered nothing more than your common houseplant – found in the corner of practically every 70-year-old granny’s dusty living room.

However, with the rise of vintage, it was only really a matter of time before the delicious monster became a décor must-have. With its somewhat exotic and tropical appeal, this lush green plant strikes the perfect balance between “tropsi” and nostalgia. Here are some ideas for including it in your wedding décor:

  • Serve canapés, salads and nibbles on large delicious monster leaves.
  • Use delicious monster leaves as part of your centre-pieces and aisle arrangements as well as featuring them in your bridal bouquet.
  • Place potted monsters around the dance floor and along the walls of the venue, and consider hanging them upside down above guest tables.
  • Draw inspiration from the shape of the delicious monster leaf when putting together your stationery designs.
  • Surround the wedding cake with flat leaves, or make mock leaves out of fondant and decorate the cake accordingly.
  • Place delicious monster leaves all the way down the wedding aisle.
  • Keep an eye out for beautiful jewellery inspired by the delicious monster, and wear it on your wedding day or buy it as gifts for your bridesmaids.
  • Instead of table runners and place mats, use the big fat leaves to really make the theme come full circle

Original images and their credits available on Pinterest