edible wedding bouquets

Walking down the aisle is quite a nerve-wrecking experience, so why not sweeten the journey with an edible bridal bouquet? While the idea might seem a bit foreign at first, it can be pulled off in a very tasteful way, especially when handled by an experienced florist and cake designer duo.

Swapping a traditional floral bouquet for an edible one isn’t something that should be done on a whim. If it fits the theme and you have a quirky sense of humour however, one of these edible bouquets will fit perfectly and you can be sure that it will generate at least a dozen smiles around the room – not to mention how much joy it will bring to the lucky guest who ultimately gets her hand on this delectable bouquet of goodies!

If you still prefer the traditional floral bouquet or can’t afford to be tempted on your way down the aisle, have your cute little flower girl or maid of honour carry one of these stunners instead. Alternatively replace the wedding cake with a towering edible floral arrangement or place mini arrangements on the guest tables for snacking during the speeches.

Now let’s look at a couple of bouquet “ingredients”, shall we?

  • Cake pops or mini cupcakes of various shades, colours and flavours. Have them decorated with cake glitter and pearls for an extra dash of sparkle. Alternatively opt for a more homely option such as a pie pop or cookies bouquet.
  • A bunch of bright and colourful lollipops are sure to make for a striking and tantalising bouquet. Use pops of varying lengths, shapes and sizes to create a bouquet with dimension.
  • If you have a child-like sweet tooth, fill your bouquet with marshmallows, a variety of cream-filled chocolates, your favourite jelly sweets , toffee apples or a big bunch of liquorice twirls.
  • For a more rustic bouquet, use a variety of nuts (still on the branches, if you prefer) and dried fruit like orange slices, lemon peel, apple rings and so forth.
  • Flower-like vegetables such as artichokes and cabbage heads make quite striking and simple bouquets whereas a bunch of freshly picked herbs can be equally as intriguing.
  • Choose fresh fruit with a bright and sumptuous hue such as cherries, baby apples, berries and guavas. For a more decadent alternative, use strawberries dipped in chocolate.
  • Candyfloss – just bear in mind that it tends to shrink after a while, so make sure it’s freshly made right before the ceremony.

For more Edible Wedding Bouquet Ideas, the original photos above and their credits, make sure to check out our Edible Wedding Bouquets Pinterest Board!


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