As a bride, you’ll carry a bouquet of fresh flowers down the aisle, potentially wear flowers in your hair and perhaps even wrap flowers around your wrist – so why not go full circle and immerse your ankles in floral prettiness as well? With the addition of a floral anklet, your flower themed bridal look will become that much stronger and impactful, resulting in an almost bohemian-meets-forest-fairy appeal.

A couple of things to consider before donning a floral anklet:

  • The length of your wedding gown: Not only is it pointless wearing the anklet if it’s obscured by a long flowing dress, but the flowers might get damaged by the hem of the gown.
  • If you yourself aren’t keen on the idea of sacrificing a long wedding dress for one of these floral pretties, have your bridesmaids wear flower anklets with their mini dresses instead.
  • Choose resilient flowers that won’t wilt ten minutes into the wedding and that generally don’t require a lot of water. Consult your florist on the matter.
  • If you’re really keen on taking the concept all the way, consider wearing a floral anklet on each ankle for a more exotic look.
  • The last thing you want on your wedding day is to have an itchy vine scratching your ankle while you walk, so either wrap the base of the anklet in fabric or choose a flower that won’t cause irritation.
  • Wearing shoes might counteract the whimsical and pixie-like charm of the flowery anklet, so rather opt for simple thongs or go barefoot.

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