We always say that no bride should be forced to listen to the opinions and objections of others when it comes to planning her wedding day. However, when it comes to flowers, Mother Nature might have a say in terms of flower availability… and unfortunately this is one instance where you have no choice but to listen up.

Flowers aren’t exactly the cheapest element of the wedding day, and if your chosen flowers are out of season to boot, the cost can easily sky-rocket right before your eyes! But before you start to panic at the thought of a flowerless wedding, have a look at this list of seasonal flowers before to help you make your final selection:

*Please note that this list does not contain all flower species and flower availability might differ from region to region. Consult your local florist about available flowers in your area.


Sumptuous Summer

White Yellow Purple Pink Orange Blue
Daisy Azalea Lavender Delphinium Daffodil Delphinium
Sweet pea Daisy Sweet pea Azalea Marigold Cornflower
Delphinium Marigold Delphinium Jasmine Dahlia Hydrangea
Cornflower Dahlia Freesia Tiger lily Tiger lily
Lilac Arum lily Iris Cornflower Arum lily
Lily of the valley Freesia Azalea Sweet pea
Dahlia Daffodil Orchid (Cymbidium) Japonica
Hydrangea Hydrangea Dahlia
Arum lily Hydrangea
Gardenia Arum lily

BONUS TIP: Substitute some of your flowers (whether on the cake or on the tables) with fresh summer fruits.


Authentic Autumn

White Yellow Purple Pink Orange Blue
Tulip Daffodil Lavender Delphinium Dahlia Cornflower
Dahlia Daisy Dahlia Dahlia Daffodil Bluebell
Daisy Dahlia Tulip Cornflower Lily
Japonica Lily Tulip Hibiscus
Azalea Hibiscus Marigold
Delphinium Marigold Tulip

BONUS TIP: Add a touch of rustic charm to your floral bouquets and arrangements by incorporating autumn leaves and branches.


Winter Wonderland

White Yellow Purple Pink Orange Blue
Tulip Daffodil Lavender Cornflower Tulip Cornflower
Daisy Azalea Tulip Delphinium Dahlia Orchid (Cymbidium)
Daffodil Daisy Orchid (Singapore) Azalea Daffodil
Japonica Dahlia Dahlia Orchid (Cymbidium)
Orchid (Cymbidium) Tulip Orchid (Cymbidium) Poppy

BONUS TIP: Winter is the season for wild flowers which add a natural charm to any arrangement of bouquet.


Sprightly Spring

White Yellow Purple Pink Orange Blue
Peony Daffodil Sweet pea Delphinium Daffodil Cornflower
Tulip Azalea Rododendron Azalea Azalea Forget-me-not
Daisy Daisy Lavender Water lily Tulip
Daffodil Tulip Azalea Jasmine Lily
Japonica Primrose Lilac Cornflower Inca lily
Azalea Dandelion Magnolia Rododendron Marigold
Sweet pea Jasmine Tulip English daisy Rose
Rododendron Rododendron Orchid (Cymbidium) Sweet pea
Lily of the valley Inca lily Rose Fruit blossom
Fruit blossoms Fruit blossoms Peony
Lilac Rose Rose
Sunflower Inca lily
Inca lily
Arum lily
Water lily

EXTRA TIP: Save on flowers by making the most of the lovely weather and hosting your wedding outside. That way Mother Nature takes care of the flowers and you have more dough to spend on food!


All Year Round

White Yellow Purple Pink Orange Blue
Orchid (Phalaenopsis) Orchid (Phalaenopsis) Orchid (Phalaenopsis) Rose (greenhouse) Carnation Chrysanthemums
Gladiola Gladiola Chrysanthemums Freesia Rose (greenhouse) Orchid (Singapore)
Freesia Freesia Hyacinth Gladiola Freesia
Chrysanthemums Carnation Gladiola Chrysanthemums Gladiola
Carnations Rose (greenhouse) Orchid (Singapore) Carnation Iris
Gerbera Iris Rose (greenhouse) Gerbera
Hyacinth Chrysanthemums Hyacinth
Lily Gerbera Asian lily
Baby’s breath Hyacinth Orchid (Singapore)
Orchid (Singapore) Asian lily Orchid (Phalaeopsis)
Asian lily Orchid (Singapore)
Rose (greenhouse)

EXTRA TIP: Succulents are available all year round and make the perfect rustic table arrangements and bouquets.

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