Goat Willow Blossoms { Soft + Unusual }

By The Celebration Team 28 Aug, 2015

Goat Willow Blossoms { Soft + Unusual }

They’re often mistaken for fairy cushions and bits of sheep wool that got snagged on a dry twig, but in reality these furry tufts are flowers – known as goat willow blossoms. Since they go by many names – salix caprea, great sallow, catkins and pussy willow – it’s not surprising that goat willow blossoms also have many uses and symbolic associations.

It’s believed that these unusual floral tufts renew and revitalise body, soul and mind, sparking and awakening our inner hope and inspiration. What’s more, goat willow blossoms are said to act as a reminder of promises yet to be fulfilled – which makes it the perfect symbol for the promises made on your wedding day.

The goat willow is generally known for blossoming early spring, hence it’s believed that the little catkins arrive to tell the rest of the world and all the other flowers and trees that it's time to wake up. You can almost call it Mother Nature’s wake-up call.

In most cultures and religions the flower bears great meaning and significance mainly for the fact that it’s seen as a dry twig that suddenly sprouts life. In terms of décor and uses, the simple blossom works perfectly with just about any other flowers therefore making it a highly versatile addition to the wedding day.

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